I'm Fiona—a part-time potter from Sweden, living on the US west coast. I create small batch handmade ceramics out of my home and local studio. My style is inspired by the minimalistic Swedish forms, patterns, and strong 'fika' culture I grew up around. 

I had wanted to learn throwing (and fencing and archery lol) since she was a small child. When I moved to San Francisco in 2015 I knew no one, and joined a pottery studio to have a hobby. Creative expression that is functional—I was hooked. Knowing that someone loves using something I made by hand is the best feeling. And the icing on the cake is seeing the slight difference and uniqueness in each piece, revealing to you that it's handmade.



do you offer wholesale? 

Because I'm not a production potter I'm not able sell my pieces at wholesale or offer volume discount. But! I LOVE partnering with local retailers and offer a discount. Email me at leraceramics@gmail.com to discuss project, timing, and pricing.